With the news that weddings can now go ahead with a maximum of 30 people, this clearly makes all you lovely 2020 couples stop and think – should we go ahead with our wedding this year but make it micro?

The intimate or micro wedding has been a popular choice well before social distancing restrictions meant it was the only choice. Here I give you 5 ways to make the intimate wedding work for you.

1. Don’t change the budget!

Whaaaaaat! I hear you cry. This might sound crazy, but listen up.  What you are going to do now is have the most elevated wedding there ever has been. If you were budgeting X amount per head for food, well now you can triple it, and give your guests a culinary journey they will never forget. Planning on house wine? Now you can have the best Saint-Émilion. Invest in all the little details, as it is such a small and intimate affair the guests will be far more aware of the details. The most beautiful linens, personalised cocktail for each guest, a thank you present from you to each guest. Make those few who are attending your wedding really feel special and valued.  See this as the most extravagant dinner party you have ever held. All the things you wish you could have had for your wedding are now readily available to you… yes you will have that unicorn! 

2. Remember the reason you are doing this.

There will be so many opportunities to pine for what could/should have been, for whatever your original wedding plans were. You need to snap out of that mindset and focus on the now, the present and your future. You need to make sure that every moment of your micro wedding is bursting full of joy and happiness, it must be an explosion of love for your select few. You have chosen to go ahead with you

r wedding in this more intimate style so embrace it and make sure you don’t dwell on what could have been.

3. Don’t skip any part

Just because there are less of you, that gives you no reason not to celebrate every part of your wedding day. Can you think of anything more sad than someone in years to come asking, ‘oh what was your bouquet like?’ and you having to answer ‘oh we didn’t bother with a bouquet as it was only a few of us.’ ABSOLUTELY BLOODY NOT! You will have all the bells and whistles and referring back to point one, they will in fact be bigger, better and more wonderful than before. Never, never fell like

 it ‘isn’t worth it’ It’s your wedding and you are worth it. 

4. Find a venue which knows how to host a Micro wedding

This might mean speaking to your original venue about how best to use their space, so it doesn’t feel like you’re lost in a large space. If you originally had a room which has capacity for 150 then see if they have a more intimate private dining space you could use instead. Or see if they could move you to their lawn and host your wedding in their gardens. Think creatively about the space you have. If you find there are no alternatives to the large space for a larger wedding, then let’s get those props brought in. Think Blossom trees, think lounge sets, think light up letters, if the caterers can do it an interactive kitchen – for those foodies out there how amazing would it be to have a fabulous chefs table for you and your guests. Whatever you decide make sure you aren’t left with big empty spaces, worst case scenario get some gorgeous screens put up to reduce the space around you. 

5. Focus on guest experience

When there are only a few of you it is integral that you make each and every guest feel so welcome and embrace them into your day. Think about the finer details of how you can make each guest feel super special. Their transport, their accommodation, their meal, the entertainment you choose. Make sure every element of your wedding is catering to those few guests. You want them to come away feeling like they have been involved in something so special, it’s almost magical and unique. This will add to your love for your day, as you’ll be surrounded by guests who feel fully immersed and integral to the making of your wedding day.