Over the past week I have been lucky enough to have the lovely Alice interning with Mrs T Weddings. Not only has she been a fantastic member of the team, but she is so passionate about weddings! As you could imagine I couldn’t wait for her to share her dream wedding with us. Over to you Alice. 

Mrs T x

Even though I have yet to find my prince charming and I’m only 17, I have already planned my dream Italian wedding! I am what you could say a ‘Pinterest Junkie’, I’m completely obsessed. From my colour combinations to my transport plans, I’ve thought about it all. I’m sure a lot of 17 year old girls can relate to me on this, it’s every little girl’s dream to have a big white wedding and a beautiful man standing at the end of the aisle waiting for them. My main holiday destination as a child was Italy, I completely fell in love with it, so it seems rather fitting that I should get married by the coast with the gleaming Mediterranean Sea rolling in in the background. The Amalfi Coast is a picturesque location where I hope to one day tie the knot. My husband and his ushers will be escorted in by a Wooden Vintage speed boat and will disembark on a beautifully arranged dock. The dock will be decked with white roses and eucalyptus. I and my bridesmaids will shortly follow once the men make their way to the ceremony. 

Once the ceremony is over, we’ll have a confetti send off to our transport where my new husband and I will be escorted in the same vintage speed boat as before to the wedding reception. The rest of our guests will take a ferry. If possible the track from the dock to the wedding reception will be lined with lanterns and flowers, but if it’s too far we would hire a vintage wedding car. My husband and I will arrive first, allowing time for the photographer to get some great romantic shots of the two of us. 

I hope to have two photographers so I can get two different types of photographs and lots of different perspectives of the wedding.

The venue will overlook the Italian village of Amalfi. It will be filled with candles and fairy lights. It will be dressed with white roses, eucalyptus, ruscus, baby’s breath flowers and any other type of white/green plant or flower. I want my wedding to look rustic but elegant and beautiful. I want there to be a lot of warm lighting creating a romantic atmosphere but I want add pops of fun here and there.

I love the idea of having a basket of flip flops for the ladies with a cute sign that says something like ‘kick off your heels and have a boogie’, a basket of bubbles for the kids, glow sticks and little boxes of tissues for “happy tears”. Once the night hits everyone can have a great time and enjoy the music with the gorgeous lit up city in the background. I want to have a lantern send-off before everyone leaves and then the last dance will follow. Once the wedding is over I and my husband will make our way back to the boat with our wedding party and have a final sparklers send off to finish the night. These two send-offs will provide amazing picture opportunities and will get the wedding party interacted with the wedding.

My Mini Mood Boards

I have two very different style and materials that I like in a wedding dress. One is very lacy, slightly fitted and almost bohemian and the other is silky, princess style and elegantly traditional…maybe I’ll just have to have two dresses! 

I love these designs as my bridesmaids will all look beautiful. I think this tone of pink will complement the green and white flowers in the wedding and will add a pop of colour.

Its very important for me that my venue is on the coast and that you can see the sea wherever you are during the wedding. 

I love the idea of having olive branches on my cake, once again it would be very natural looking. I would like it to have strategically placed leaves and flowers. I would have a traditional fruit cake top tier and the rest would either be coconut and lime or just a traditional sponge…or maybe even chocolate.

Like all brides, I want every second of my day to be captured. One of my Photographers will focus mainly on my husband and I.  The second Photographer will document the day, so decorations, wedding guests, the night and everything in between. I also quite like the idea of there being a Videographer so I can reminisce the day. I really don’t want my Photographer to be too invasive so we can get really natural and candid pictures of the day. 

Before the guests arrive, I’d love to go around the venue getting some picture either by myself, my husband on his own or us together. 

To finish off the planning I want to add a few unique things to my wedding from a cartoon sketcher to our vows being written on glass rather than paper. I think this adds something different to the wedding, the glass can be used as a photo frame and the cartoon artist adds another element of fun for both the adults and the kids!