With the current trend (long may it last) of trainers dominating the fashion landscape. I was overjoyed to see Hailey Bieber wearing trainers with her Vera Wang wedding dress on her big day. She couldn’t have looked more like the modern bride we all want to be, overjoyed with happiness, elegant and romantic. This photograph embodies what every bride should feel the day of their wedding. 

Previously the idea of wearing trainers with your wedding dress used to make me think of Lily Allen al la the naughties. There is something so ladette about this, which
most certainly doesn’t engulf me with all the romantic, elegant, and beautiful visions of a bride. However, don’t get me wrong at the time I thought she was a super star for throwing away the rule book and doing what we all pined to do – glam dress with comfy shoes. Lily certainly didn’t look like this in the photos of her wedding, she went far more conservative and traditional.

Lily Allen prom dress and trainers

However, now with the resurgence of the trainer trend and so many of us wanting style and comfort it’s no longer such a horrendous idea – even my mother brought a pair of pink trainers to my wedding to change into. If the mother-of-the-bride is  down with it… 

Like many brides when I got married I chose the shoes of my dreams, I am a modern bride and I did consider comfort along with style. I had the wonderful Emmy London make my bespoke shoes for me, which included a very high heel.  The beauty of Emmy London shoes – they are that amazing balance of style and comfort – they understand brides. However comfy my wedding shoes were going to be I know I am a trainers girl at heart.  I planned to do a lot of dancing, chatting and generally having fun on my feet, and the last thing I wanted to be thinking about was aches and pains because of my shoes.  So I chose to get a pair of personalised (white – of course) Converse – which I still love wearing, you may well see me in them when you next see me. 

My page boys were given dinosaur Converse high tops to wear, which went down so well with the guests and boys alike. 

Page boys in dinosaur Converse high tops

Only the other day we saw the stunning images of Hailey Baldwin wearing trainers with one of her wedding dresses, the Vera Wang.  Hailey did a brilliant job of bringing on trend street style to a traditional wedding set up. Using Off-White’s Virgil Abloh to design her ceremony dress with that amazing personalised veil. Hailey looked all things stylish, elegant and beautiful – which as the bride you clearly want to embody. She never let go of her style, and because of that she achieved a fantastic balance of tradition, style and comfort, all this, of course, with a healthy dose of personalisation.  Hailey epitomised on-trend with timeless beauty, as every modern bride wants to achieve.

Hailey Baldwin’s Virgil Abloh wedding dress

There are so many options now for how to bring comfort and style into your wedding day, and outfit. Trainers are one of the most simple and sensible (never thought I would use that word when discussing a wedding design decision) options. The personalised options are amazing, from subtle and stylish, to full on princess bling. Comfort and style in one – a huge yes from me! 

So many styles of trainers on offer