Having a child-free wedding is a popular discussion point with my couples. Usually, they instinctively know whether or not they will be having children at their wedding. For those that have chosen to go child-free, they sometimes require assistance in how to phrase this request in their invitations. I know that this can be a sensitive area. You don’t want to upset or offend close friends or family members that have young children. (You’ll be relieved to know that most guests are happy to offload their charges onto babysitters and grandparents!)

Child-free wedding invitation
Photography: Lee Allison, Stationery: PolkaDot Creations

Content writing service

With Mrs T Weddings I offer a service where a professional copywriter can help to draft bespoke invitations, wedding websites and couples’ stories. I fully brief them about my couple, their style, personality, sense of humour and so on. I also invite my couples to jot down notes they feel are important to mention but are struggling to articulate.

Armed with this brief, my copywriter drafts exclusive wording specific to my couple. We can edit this content until you’re both completely happy with the tone and style. This allows you to issue invitations or launch your websites with added peace of mind.

Child-free wedding invitation
Photography: Nikki Watkins, Stationery: Dimitria Jordan

I have used my copywriter to help draft a number child-free wedding invitations. They also proofread and edit couples’ wedding websites, and they have written up engagement stories and ‘About Us’ pages.

With so many different potential guests – family, friends, colleagues and various other connections – I know how important it is for your communications to cover all bases.

If you’re struggling to put into words the things you would like to say, then Mrs T can help.