Written by Olivia Humphrey (who one day will – hopefully – be having her Gen Z wedding).

Forget the something old, borrowed and blue. It’s time for something new a Gen Z Wedding!

Despite changing attitudes and behaviours, weddings will always be a fixture in most couple’s journeys. However, how these weddings are done has changed dramatically over time. For example, most brides no longer carry bouquets with herbs and garlic to ward off bad omens!

The latest generation to tie the knot is Gen Z. Born between 1995 to 2012, Gen Z are considered to be the generation demanding change with involvement in a number of political and geopolitical issues. However, this does not mean they are too busy to get married! According to the wedding survey produced by The Knot, 87% of those surveyed saw themselves getting married at some point in their lives with 53% saying they want their wedding to be as personalised as possible. Additionally, bringing in issues that are closest to their hearts was also important, with 60% saying they would include a charity of their choice in their gift registry. Gen Z are always pushing the boundaries and changing things up, why should their wedding day be any different?

Below are some great ideas for how you can incorporate a new, modern vibe into your trip down the aisle.


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Why settle for the fruitcake, or any cake for that matter! Instead opt for something a little unconventional.

A ‘cheese’ cake is a great idea for any couple who do not have the required sweet tooth for a traditional cake. You can still add a romantic touch through adding flowers or crackers shaped like hearts.

Or you could swap lemon cake for lemon meringue pie with this pie wedding cake. Great for a more rustic, boho chic themed wedding as it feels a little less formal. Be mindful of a cherry pie with a white dress though!

 Another option is saying ‘I do’ to donuts with this donut tower cake. Both adults and children alike will love this cake as it is both fun and fancy. Here couples can have any number of flavours or decorations and the addition of flowers adds a romantic feel to an everyday treat.

The Dress

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Now when most brides envisage their wedding day, they see the long white gown. Some go princess, some go mermaid. But what if that isn’t really your style?

A jumpsuit is a great addition to the wedding wardrobe. Wedding designers are creating jumpsuits that are so much more than comfort. You could opt for a tailored sophisticated look or embrace your inner bohemian with a floaty, floral look.

Or go with the classic dress, just minus the yards of fabric. A mini dress is perfect for the party loving bride who loves to show off her heels; the outfit of choice if you are going for a New Year’s Eve style wedding!

The Veil

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If you want to stand out from head to toe on your wedding, a veil is a good place to start.

Embroidering your veil can be a fun way to inject a little of your personality into the wedding outfit. Whilst ‘Hell Yeah” might not be the most church appropriate, simple additions such as ‘I do’ or you and your partner’s names can make something as simple as a veil even more special.

Or perhaps you’re the rock chic bride who wants a wedding that rivals Glastonbury or Coachella. A veil adorned with pearls, stars or even petals can elevate your look and complement your dress in an amazing way.


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Gen Z are at the forefront of the climate change conversation and bringing that conversation into their big day is easy with a few small adjustments.

Glass washing stations can reduce the amount of plastic at a wedding and adding these recycle barrels around the venue can ensure there is no loose rubbish anywhere. This is particularly useful at an outdoor venue, where clean up can be trickier.

Including plantable wedding favours such as paper seeds or birdseed are a nice way to make your wedding a bit eco-friendlier. There is less waste and is a perfect addition to an outdoor-loving couple’s wedding.


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Stationary can be utilised to add even more personalisation at your wedding.

A ‘how we met’ wedding invitation can be a funny and sweet way to invite guests to your big day as it makes them feel including in what is a very personal and intimate moment.

Attaching polaroid’s or photo strips can also add some warmth and fun to something as simple as a wedding program or menu.

Or charity can begin at ‘I do’ by including a donation registry instead of a gift registry. Who needs a gravy boat these days?

We hope this provides a little inspiration for those seeking a little something unconventional for their wedding day, even if you are not in the Gen Z group. It’s rude to ask someone’s age anyway!