Did you know you can book a wedding consultation service with me without being a Mrs T client?

With Covid restrictions easing and wedding guest numbers increasing, wedding planning is back in full swing! This is such an exciting time, but after so many months of quiet I know that it can easily become overwhelming for couples. Suddenly you feel like you need to be making lots of bookings, tasters and trials and pulled in different directions. The need to make decisions can escalate quickly and leave you feeling lost in the middle of your plans.

In my experience, what tends to happen next is that couples lose the original vision of their day. They feel under pressure to say yes to the first suppliers they find in order to feel like they are progressing. They also start saying yes to things they hadn’t originally planned for or wanted.

This can create a number of problems:

  • More paperwork
  • More logistics
  • Changes to plans already in place
  • Added pressure on your hard-earned budget
  • More headaches for on-the-day.

Mrs T Wedding Consultation Service is here to help!

This is where my wedding consultation service comes in useful! My consultancy is available to couples regardless of whether you are using my planning services. Think of it as some focussed power hour sessions with me to get you on-track and with an immediate action plan of what to do next.

Photograph by Constance Doyle

I have an extensive background in project management and logistics. I’ll quickly assess where you’ve got to and what is left to do, and guide you through what you should be prioritising. I can show you the quick-wins, the non-negotiables and the opportunities to delegate tasks into the capable hands of others. This might be a venue visit, menu tasting with your caterers, hair and make-up trials or dress and suit fittings, or something completely different. However far along the road you are, I’ll help give you your own wedding roadmap (much more fun that the pandemic kind!)

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You will come away from our consultation sessions feeling calm and motivated. You will know exactly what you need to achieve with the timescales you have left. Most importantly, your vision for your wedding will be clear.

If my wedding consultation service sounds like something you need, then get in touch and I would love to help.