Golden Hour wedding photography can give you some of the most gorgeous couple’s portraits of your wedding day. Filled with warmth and a stunning glow, it’s well worth factoring Golden Hour into your day.

Of course here in the UK, the weather likes to keep us on our toes (!) However, it’s always worth planning for the best outcome and adapting on the day. Here is Mrs T’s top tips for planning your Golden Hour wedding photography.

Find out your wedding day sunset time

At Mrs T Weddings, you know we love a plan, and so we strongly recommend looking up when the sun is due to set at your exact wedding venue location. A quick search on Google will help you input your date and location to give you the forecasted time. Once you’ve got your timings you can work with your photographer and venue to plan some shots.

Speak to your wedding photographer and venue

Make sure you communicate with your wedding photographer that you would like to try for some Golden Hour photos. Experienced wedding photographers will be used to these requests and will likely do their own research on the sunset. It’s also worth talking to your wedding venue when you have a site visit, to find out where the sun sets in relation to the surroundings. They should know this information and may already have preferred spots for sunset photography. This not only helps you have a sense of where you will need to be on-the-day, but is information you can pass to your photographer. It’s likely that your photographer will also explore the venue and scope out shot potential themselves, so that when the time comes you can quickly coordinate. Remember, you won’t have lots of time as the sun sets quickly, so it’s great to be prepared!

Factor Golden hour into your overall Wedding Day Management Plan

It could be very likely that Golden Hour occurs during your wedding breakfast, speeches or traditional elements such as cutting your wedding cake. Knowing your sunset time will help you plan around these key moments. At Mrs T Weddings, we are often on hand to help with these specific timings. The team can help you and your photographer carve out time for photos that is entirely bespoke to your schedule. We can help you discretely slip out of gatherings for your couples’ photography and ensure your party is kept well fed and entertained in your absence. Every Mrs T Weddings client has their own bespoke Wedding Day Management timeline on Aisle Planner which details your entire itinerary and ensures the team keep you on track.