How it works


I'm listening...

Firstly, and most importantly, we need to get to know one other.  This initial call will take around 15 minutes.  Tell me a bit about yourself and your partner and what ideas you have for your wedding.  Don’t worry about preparing anything as I’ll have lots of questions.  Then we can talk about areas where I might be useful.


Proposal... this time a slightly different one

Based on our conversation I will draw up an outline of how I believe we can work together.  Perhaps you need general help with supplier sourcing or assistance with budget management.  Or you may have one or more areas that you’d like me to be responsible for.  Alternatively you might prefer a complete wedding planning service.   


I can't wait to meet you

When you are ready we’ll meet face-to-face for an in-depth chat.  This meeting will be the official start of my support for your wedding plans.  I find meeting over a coffee and then visiting a supplier together really helps me to get to know what’s important to you.  But if you can’t meet me in person we can video call.

We’ll schedule regular calls and visits once we’ve got a timeline to work to.  At each step you’ll be making the final decisions for your wedding.