Let me introduce you to the fabulous Olivia. Olivia is an aspiring events professional. She has started her work experience with Mrs T Weddings and we couldn’t be more excited. To start she decided to write a fabulous blog on one of the concerns so many couples have:

‘Is our wedding going to be too predictable?’

So, here is how to make sure your wedding is as unique as you are as a couple.

Over to you Olivia…

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Once the engagement ring is placed upon your finger, no bride is able to resist the fantasy of the big day. Your head swirls with visions of white dresses, cascading flowers and ornate cakes. A stack of magazines, Pinterest is armed and ready, and advice from family and friends echoes around you. A wedding is being planned.

Every bride likes to think that their wedding is entirely unique to themselves and their partner; but is it really true? A quick look on Pinterest shows there appears to be only a few options in regard to location and theme; shabby chic barn, glamorous hotel, or the sprawling grounds of a country house. Which then gets you asking: ‘Is our wedding going to be too predictable?’

There will always be certain elements the couple will include in a wedding, rings, vows, invitations. No bride or groom wants to believe their wedding is just a copycat recreation of a Pinterest board, or Instagram photoshoot. But what do you do when that is simply the wedding you want? How do you inject creativity into an idea which has been seen multiple times?

Enter the wedding planner! Well to be more specific, enter Constance Taylor of Mrs T Weddings. A wedding planner like Constance is essential when adding character to your wedding. A wedding planner can take your Pinterest and make it personalised. For example, you are a couple who dream of the fairy tale wedding, there’s Chantilly lace, cascading flowers and a towering cake. But Constance knows from chatting to you that you are big fan of the musical ‘Hamilton’. Cut to the wedding, your veil resembles that of Elizabeth Schyler’s. Your first dance is set to a slowed down version of you and your partner’s favourite song from the show… performed by a live quartet of course!

Photo credit https://www.constancedoyle.com/

A wedding planner can bring you outside of the cookie-cutter wedding mindset. Years of fantasising and attending the weddings of your friends and family lead to lots of anxiety around elements of the wedding having been done before. Constance can truly push you to create the wedding that you really want, regardless of the opinions and perceptions of others. Stopping all those concerns of ‘is our wedding going to be too predictable?’

Constance can help in adding all these little touches which will make your wedding truly feel like yours. What is great about this is it gives your guests a completely immersive event. They will truly experience all the details which make your relationship special and unique. Take the iconic wedding dress, enquire about customisation. Perhaps you want a touch of the “Markle Sparkle” – have a custom veil with flowers which your partner sent you on your first date? Or a particular phrase you share as a couple embroidered on the train?

Food and drink are also a great place to add some personal touches. You and your partner could create a custom cocktail and mocktail for the reception, set up a sweet buffet of all your favourite treats which you share during a movie night. A picture can also speak a thousand words at your wedding. Throughout your venue you could use fairy lights and pegs to display photos which document your entire relationship. A fun extra could be to include screenshots of text messages. Maybe the message you sent your best friend telling them you think he’s the one or the message to your parents begging them not to embarrass you at the first meeting.

Photo credit https://www.constancedoyle.com/

Whether it be at the start of your wedding journey or somewhere in between, the magic of Mrs T Weddings can help make your wedding truly your own.