We know we’re about to enter the depths of winter, but if you’re getting married in the peak 2023 summer wedding season then your deadline for ordering luxury groomswear is officially looming!

If you’re wanting a luxury hand-tailored suit then you’ll be undertaking measuring sessions, fabric shipments, fittings and alterations. Even the rental market involves group logistics that require thought and planning.

Bridalwear usually has at least 6 months lead in time, which means now is a great time for you and your partner to tackle your wedding outfits at the same time.

Here at Mrs T Weddings we have some fabulous luxury groomswear recommendations and top-tips for you.


Duckers Style - Luxury Groomswear - Mrs T Weddings
Jazzy and Jordan

Jazzy and Jordan are the master tailoring team behind Duckers Style, creators of luxury lifestyle garments using the finest fabrics and mills in England and Italy. Names including Michael Owen, Jason Fox, Claudia Winkelman and Tom Kerridge are among their impressive client list. Mrs T herself has used their impeccable service for her own fabulous made-to-measure bespoke suit, which you’ll often see her wearing in face-to-face meetings. With studios in Woodstock, Cheltenham and London, they also regularly travel to client homes and offices. Wedding Day services include on-the-day assistance, expertly pressing garments, dressing groups and ensuring all ties and pocket squares are picture-perfect.

Bespoke Groomswear - Duckers Style - Mrs T Weddings
Bespoke tailoring - Duckers Style - Mrs T Weddings


With more than 20 years experience in retail, personal styling and tailoring, Nicholas & Harding provide a made-to-measure service to your exact specifications and style. Focussing on contemporary styles using traditional tailoring methods and modern construction techniques, their luxury garments are delivered with first-class service. From full suits to made-to-measure jackets, Nicholas & Harding are one of Mrs T Weddings go-to tailors for luxury groomswear. They have provided some of our 2022 Grooms and Groomsmen with exceptional experiences, one of which tested the soundproofing of a 5* hotel to the limit!

Luxury Groomswear - Nicholas & Harding - Mrs T Weddings
Luxury Groomswear - Nicholas & Harding - Mrs T Weddings


A lot of luxury fabrics come from Italy, so you need to factor in shipment times as part of your ordering and fitting service. Your tailor will be able to advise all about this, but you need to meet with them in good time – they’re the best, but they can’t change the shipping forecast!

Organise a special group fitting session. For one of our 2022 grooms, Mrs T Weddings hired a hotel suite for the day in London for all of his groomsmen to meet up and have their measurements taken with Nicholas & Harding. They chose their fabrics and arranged future fittings all while toasting the health of the Groom with whisky tastings.

Luxury Groomswear - Nicholas & Harding - Mrs T Weddings

For luxury groomswear, think about any additional embellishments and customisations you might wish to add to your outfit. This could be initials, monograms, nicknames, dates and special messages embroidered onto cuffs, collars and linings. It might be totally unique buttons, or incorporating fabrics that hold personal meaning.

As mentioned above, luxury tailors will often offer a specialist wedding day fitting service to have you all looking picture-perfect. Not only will they ensure your suits are carefully transported, they will expertly press all items for you. These sessions are a brilliant boost to the team spirit of your day. Their skills and expertise will have you all feeling suave and confident!

Men can change outfits too! With second outfits for brides becoming increasingly popular, Mrs T Weddings is here to remind you that the grooms can change too. This is especially true if you’re getting married at the height of summer. Shirts, shoes, jackets and ties are all on the table for items that can be changed to give a fresh new look to your evening.

Matching socks! Trust us – they will show up in photos! It’s definitely worth making sure they are on-colour and complement your outfit, across your entire party of groom’s men.

Luxury groomswear - Nicholas & Harding - Mrs T Weddings