So the number one question all our couples are asking is for their wedding music is… can I still have my first dance during the pandemic?

Yes! Although dance floors are not currently permitted for group dancing at weddings, couples can still have a first dance. You will effectively have been in a bubble with your partner. So if you have been living together in the same house, you will be safe to dance together.

Your first dance has the opportunity to become an even more special moment in your wedding day. If your chosen song is being played by musicians, work together with them to make the sound and style of the song personal to you. You can decide whether that’s an acoustic version or using specific instruments.

If you are having a choreographed first dance you will have the dance floor to yourself to make the most of your moves. Your dance teacher can help you to maximise the space so that each of your guests gets a great view as you move around the floor.

If this is the only dance of the day, your suppliers will work extra hard to make it a special and lasting memory. Make sure you involve those providing your wedding music into your thought processes so they can bring your vision to life.

Live Wedding Music

Top tips for booking wedding musicians

  1. Go and see them live – don’t rely on written reviews alone when making your decisions. Make sure you’ve seen your band playing to get a feel for their vibe, quality, and how they entertain a crowd.
  2. Request live footage – while it’s difficult to see musicians paying live during the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, request to see some live footage. Studio recordings will sound very different from a live set, and acoustics will naturally vary from venue to venue. Most professional musicians and wedding entertainers should have live footage they can show you.
  3. Personalised set lists – ask your musicians if they will alter their set lists to include some of your favourite songs. You want a band or musician who will accommodate your tastes, especially if they are playing your first dance. Most bands are happy to incorporate new numbers into their set lists so you have some of your classic favourites.
  4. Acoustic options – ask your musicians if they can alter their style according to your day plan. Examples are softer music over dinner versus amped-up party tunes for the evening. You want entertainers who can adapt to the intimate nuances of the day, helping it flow from afternoon to evening.
Wedding ceremony music

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