In the latest Mrs T Meets we’re diving into the world of wedding cakes with Cherry Tree Cakerie!

whimsical wedding cake

A wedding cake is so much more than… well cake. Absolutely it must be pure yumminess, but it can also be a real work of art – elegant, magical, exquisite and truly the centrepiece of your wedding design.

You can find every style of wedding cake for every style of couple. At Mrs T Weddings, one of the suppliers I match my couples with is Charlene Russell of Cherry Tree Cakerie. Her uniquely beautiful, nature-inspired artisan cakes appeal to the creative couple who want something they have never seen before.

Marble wedding cake

I caught up with Charlene for a Mrs T Meets interview. Charlene shared her top tips for brides on designing and displaying your luxurious show-stopper of a wedding cake.


Your cakes truly are works of art. How do you describe their style?

I like to call my cakes imperfectly perfect, whimsical and artistic – for the creative couple.  I use a lot of colour and hand painting on the cakes.

My style tends to be quite floral. I love the impact of wafer flowers. Tying the design in with your wedding flowers is a nice way of making a unified theme. I can liaise with the florist about the design and, if couples want fresh flowers on their cake, we make sure that all comes together on the day.

Wafer paper flowers wedding cake

And, of course, the taste! What is your most popular flavour?

I have about 15 flavours on my menu, but that is not fixed – so I can do a couple something bespoke to suit them. At the moment the most popular is probably chocolate and salted caramel, but it does vary by season. In spring and summer lighter flavours like lemon or vanilla are popular- but you also get the hardcore chocoholics! I cater for everybody.

Cherry Tree Cakerie creations are completely bespoke. How do you work with a couple to inspire and design their unique creations?

Charlene - Cherry Tree Cakerie

I send out a box of tasters for a couple to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.  Then we have a consultation over Zoom. Some couples have definite ideas of the design they would like – so I’ll personalise that to them. Other couples show me their colours, or their dress, and trust me to design something uniquely for them. I draw up an initial design and we just keep tweaking it until they are completely happy.

On the day, I ensure my cakes are delivered safely and set up in the venue myself. Based in Buckinghamshire, I deliver across Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, as well as London.

A tiered wedding cake can make a real statement. But what trends are you seeing for smaller weddings?

Yes, the smallest three tier cake feeds about 70 people. For smaller weddings, you can have a single tier cake. But a lot of people do still want to have that tiered cake as something a bit more special, creating a sense of occasion. Couples are enjoying being more indulgent and offering guests leftover cake to take home, or freezing it to toast each other with later, with a glass of something. 

If you do want three tiers, but you really don’t want that much cake, then you can have dummy tiers. There’s a big trend for clear Perspex tiers at the moment – you can fill them with florals and it adds a bit more drama.  

Other options for smaller weddings are dessert tables of smaller items, all bespoke and designed to your theme. Or you could have personalized wedding favours for place settings – even writing guests’ names on a biscuit.

Top tips

Here are some top tips for designing your wedding cake – aside from taste!

  1. Design the cake with your whole wedding style in mind. Tie it in with your wedding florals perhaps. When thinking about wedding design – consider how you have designed your house and your wardrobe – do you like clean lines and tidy colours, or are you quite boho? Those preferences will likely influence the design you choose for your wedding.
  2. Choose your cake designer carefully and then trust them. Look at their portfolio on their website and Instagram. Get a feel for their personal style – and see if it matches yours. Of course, tell them about your style and vision, but then do trust them to let their creativity flow. You have chosen them for a reason!
  3. Position your cake to give it presence in the room for those iconic cake-cutting photos. Your cake is an exquisitely luxurious item. Don’t relegate it to the standard cake table in the corner. Instead, repurpose that gorgeous floral arch from your ceremony, find a rustic dresser to stand it on, or position it beside a window with a stunning view. And of course – avoid direct sunlight!
celestial wedding cake

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