Introducing the Mrs T Meets series with suppliers from the wedding industry…

Constance Taylor of Mrs T Weddings

In my role as a wedding planner, I meet and work with exceptional suppliers all the time. Whatever you need for your wedding, I’ll know someone who can supply it, at top quality, no less. Mrs T Meets is a chance for you to learn more about some of my trusted suppliers.

Constance Doyle is a wedding and lifestyle photographer in high demand from couples seeking classic imagery with hints of vintage bohemia.

Bride and Groom VW with balloons

Constance started her photography life in the Parisian fashion modelling world. Now a lifestyle photographer, she is just as much at ease photographing children playing with worms in muddy puddles and capturing a couple’s own unique story. Her relaxed boho-chic style and her ability to make even the most camera-shy couple feel relaxed makes her a total superstar on a wedding day.

As further evidence of her versatility, we have worked together on bridal fashion editorial shoots and my own personal branding images. Look no further for evidence of her work than here on the Mrs T website.

In Mrs T Meets, I sat down for a chat with Constance about her relaxed storytelling style, and how to choose a wedding photographer who really captures the essence of you as a couple.


So Constance, how did you get into photography?

“It all started in Paris about 10 years ago. I was born and raised in France and I studied Law, so I was set to become an international criminal lawyer. Then one day, I started shooting some photos with one of my good friends who’s a designer now in London. We did a shoot on the rooftops of Paris and it created a buzz. A modelling agency contacted me after seeing the photos and wanted me to take photos of their models. One thing led to another and I started getting bookings for corporate shoots, weddings, families and children.”

Boho bride

You transitioned into lifestyle and wedding photography – how was that for you after the fashion world?

“It’s more me. It’s more authentic because lifestyle photography is somewhere between traditional portraiture and documentary style photography. It’s about celebrating unique family units or unique individuals in their own beautiful chaotic, messy way.

Many clients book me for a shoot because they want to feel more confident in front of the camera, or they want to celebrate a milestone. For some, they look at the photos and say, “Wow! I had no clue I would look like that on those photos, for the first time I actually feel confident.” I feel really privileged to be part of that moment.”

Countryside wedding

How would you describe your style?

“I like to call my type of photography ‘storytelling’. We all have different stories and each one of them is unique and magnificent. Everyone wants natural photos. That is why they book me, translating into pictures who they really are as a couple. Non-intrusive, very realistic looking, timeless and emotive.”

Boho wedding

What has been your experience being a photographer during the pandemic?

“I’ve actually been loving micro weddings so much lately – because it’s intimate and relaxed. It’s about the couple and their unique energy and story. You can really pick up the traditions you want. If a bride doesn’t want to wear the big white dress, she can just wear cute pants and a white top. This is ground-breaking in a way.”

Boho bride

Top Tips

Mrs T’s top tips for choosing a wedding photographer:

  1. Look at the style of their work over a long period of time. Find a photographer who is consistent and understands and shares your own style. It’s really important to have a photographer who can represent who you are as a couple. They are taking the photos that capture those amazing once-in-a-lifetime moments. You need somebody that’s going to be reflecting the day that you want it to be, and not projecting their own version of events onto your big day.
  2. Think about how the photographer makes you feel.  A photographer should be able to make sure you feel relaxed and confident. You need someone who can make you laugh and who you feel at ease posing for, and who will understand if you want private photography away from onlookers.  I have personal experience of working with Constance Doyle and have witnessed her relaxing interactions with nervous couples to bring out the best in them.
  3. Think about your venue when booking a photographer. Whether you are having an outdoor countryside ceremony or city-central hotel, make sure your photographer has experience in this environment.
  4. Consult a wedding planner! Mrs T Weddings know the great suppliers, and every kind of style. Getting to know you, I can introduce and match you to the right photographers for you.
Constance Taylor - Mrs T Weddings

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All images taken by Constance Doyle.