At Mrs T Weddings we love a celebrant-led ceremony! Celebrant ceremonies give couples so much scope to put their personalities into their weddings, making them completely bespoke. However, celebrants can do so much more towards your big day than just conduct the ceremony. Let me introduce you to India Bel Ceremonies, who has helped some of my grooms with their wedding speech writing.

Working as a Theatre Director, India has a huge wealth of experience helping actors and performers with their stage presence. She is familiar working one-to-one on monologues that can truly captivate an audience. When one of my grooms wanted some help finessing their wedding breakfast speech, I linked him up with India.

Mrs T Weddings recommends India Bel Ceremonies - Wedding Speech Writing Workshop - Kirsty Mackenzie Photography
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“Public speaking certainly does not come naturally to everyone,” says India. “The idea of writing a special speech which has the perfect balance of heartfelt and entertaining can be incredibly daunting. The thought of delivering that speech with a sense of confidence and style can be almost unthinkable for some – let alone the possibility of actually enjoying it!”

Speech Writing Workshop

Wedding speeches, for many, can be one of the biggest public-speaking moments of a person’s life. Realising she had the skillset to really help people, India has developed a Speech Writing Workshop. Her sessions give speakers confidence, help them plan and structure their speeches and coach them in their delivery.

I have a one-to-one video call and we discuss everything about the task at hand including what is worrying them the most. We brainstorm content ideas together and hone in on a tone and style that will give them confidence and even a sense of excitement about the occasion.”

India uses the call to pull together a skeleton structure. Using this as a spring board, she helps people begin their writing. She is also on hand to look over drafts and suggest edits. She then coaches her clients in giving the best delivery of their final speech.

Mrs T Weddings recommends India Bel Ceremonies - Speech Writing Workshop - Lex Fleming Photography
Lex Fleming Photography

“You will not believe the amount of people who admit they NEVER rehearsed a speech out loud or in front of someone else! I use my theatre training to give them some essential fail-safe tips and tricks to help their delivery, and the results have been fantastic.”

Having put one of my lovely grooms in touch with India, they have worked together to hone his wedding speech and finesse his delivery ready for the big day. He has gained so much confidence from having professional input, while retaining all of his ideas around the content. I know that come the big day, he is going to deliver a superb speech!

If you would like help with your wedding speech writing, I would love to introduce you to India Bel Ceremonies!