Since launching Mrs T Weddings I have been a proud donor and pledge member to the VOW for Girls movement that fights to end child marriages. 12 million girls are married each year, some as young as 8 years old. That’s one girl every three seconds. VOW for Girls is a growing global movement that partners with brands, individuals and the wedding industry to end the international child marriage crisis.

Child marriages can rob a girl of her choices and opportunity. She may be forced to leave school, may experience violence or have a child before she is ready. She is more likely to experience poverty and remain in poverty throughout her life.

VOW for Girls
“As a company that celebrates love, I support VOW for Girls. Because #LoveIsOurBusiness, I believe every girl should be able to choose love on her own terms and no child should ever be a bride.”

100% of VOW donations go directly to local underfunded grassroots organisations that are best positioned to lead local change, giving them the resources they need to have a real impact on the ground. Not only do these organisations work to end child marriage and they also focus on the advancement girls’ rights, including educating girls, providing job training, health education and more.

If you are considering making a charitable donation in lieu of favours at your wedding, you can talk to me about organising a donation to VOW for Girls. Every girl should have the right to choose if, when, and whom she marries. By VOWing your wedding, when you say I do, you can give a girl a chance to say I don’t or not yet. If this is a cause close to your heart, contact me for more information, and together we can help to end child marriages.

Mrs T Weddings 2022 VOW Pro Member