At Mrs T Weddings I am all about reducing the stress levels of my couples, and that includes some self-care gifts! Planning a wedding needn’t be stressful – but it easily can be, which is where I step in to help.

At the start of any new year there will be many recently engaged couples beginning their journey towards marriage. Immediately there are lots of decisions to make! For those of you who are edging closer towards your big day the pressure can start to build – the countdown is on and there might feel like a lot needs to be done.

Mrs T Weddings eliminates the stress and worry of your impending day leaving you to feel all the good feelings – relaxed, calm and excited. One of the ways I do this is by making sure my brides & grooms-to-be are pampered and full of positive energy.

Here are some of my favourite self-care gifts and products that each of my clients received in their Christmas Self Care Pamper Box from Mrs T Weddings.


Scentscapology Candles - Mrs T Weddings

To maximise relaxation, you first need to set the scene, and one of the simplest ways to do this is by lighting scented candles. Immediately your room will be filled with a beautiful fragrance and warm glow to help you relax. All Scentscapology candles are hand-poured in small batches at the owners’ ‘earth house’, a 350-year-old, thatched farmhouse which sits within a conservation area at the Fen’s Edge in Cambridgeshire. One of my favourites is their Rise candle, made with Rose & Geranium for a gorgeous floral lift.

The Power of Crystals

Rose Quartz crystals - Mrs T Weddings self-care gifts

If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side, crystals are a fantastic, inexpensive place to start. Not only will they look beautiful in your home, they are revered for their powerful qualities and the energy they attract.

Being in the business of love, I will always be a fan of Rose Quartz, the universal stone of love. Not only is Rose Quartz believed to draw away negative energy, it purifies the heart, opening it to unconditional love, self-love, friendship, kindness and healing. Hoof & Paw have a range of beautiful crystals available that come with affirmations and tips for cleansing and charging your stones.

These also make a great gift for your bridal party!

Eye Mask

Spacemasks - Mrs T Weddings self-care gifts

Understanding how busy my couples and suppliers are, I am always on the look out for products for people on-the-go. Spacemasks are my secret weapon! These jasmine infused self-heating eye masks contain iron particles that gently warm your face as they interact with oxygen from the atmosphere. For 15 minutes, you can enjoy a gentle warming sensation that soothes tired eyes.

This is a perfect quick-fix for some much needed down-time during a busy day, allowing you to briefly disconnect and recharge. They are also perfect for just before bed. Put your phone away and pop on your Spacemask to help prepare you for sleep with some interstellar relaxation.

Miracle Oil

Wild Source Miracle Oil - Mrs T Weddings self-care gifts

Winter is tough on your skin, particularly this 2020/2021 season. Harsh cold, central heating and of course wearing face masks, makes it hard on your skin which continuously tries to adapt to its changing environment. Wild Source have created a Miracle Oil that provides vital thirst-quenching nourishment for your face.

Applied to a freshly cleansed and/or toned face, just a few drops of oil massaged into the skin creates a barrier of protection against pollution, free radicals and environmental stresses. The rosehip, thistle and geranium oil contains vitamin E and is extremely lightweight giving you a fresh glow, perfect for make-up free days or as part of your night-time skincare routine. Miracle Oil is also great in summer months to sooth sun-kissed skin.

So Fresh & So Clean

Cole & Co - Mrs T Weddings self-care gifts

Welsh brand Cole & Co have a great range of natural handmade soaps. Mrs T recommends the handy mini travel size, useful for work trips and weekends away. Infused with essential oils these soaps refresh and invigorates or relax and soothe the skin for those who have a minimal facial routine. An added bonus, their packaging is plastic-free.

If you would like me to arrange self-care gifts and pamper boxes for your nearest and dearest, get in touch and we can get planning!