Peak wedding season has arrived! Whether you’re getting married, are part of a wedding party or attending as a guest, Mrs T Weddings has some summer wedding tips for you.

Summer Wedding Tips

Hydration is key!

Keeping yourself hydrated is super important – and not just on the wedding day itself. Optimising your water intake in the lead up to these big occasions will keep your skin fresh and help with bloating. Establish a routine for drinking plenty of water as you head into the final stages of wedding prep – your make-up artist will love you! If you struggle to keep to your routine, build in some cool, calming hydration masks before bed!

Summer wedding tips

Mocktail Magic

Weddings are long days, and you might be on your feet in hot weather for lengthy periods of time. If you have any guests who are pregnant or elderly it’s important to think about places they can sit and rest. Having a plentiful supply of shaded seating options, water and soft drinks for you and your guests is a great piece of forward planning. It can make all the difference towards coping with the heat. It sounds serious, but sunstroke, headaches and fainting are all a possibility at summer weddings. We don’t want anyone feeling poorly on such a special day, so we always encourage couples to think about H20 and some fun mocktails. Non-alcoholic options are ever-increasing on drinks menus and there are some great alcohol-free alternatives for guests. We can put you in touch with some fab suppliers in this area!

Remember anti-histamines

Summer = Hay Fever!

You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget medications at weddings. Changing your usual handbag and moving between venues and locations – it’s easily done. Flower pollen can be naturally high during the summer, but here’s a couple more factors to think about. Are you in the countryside? Near crops and farmland? Will your venue have freshly cut grass for your reception? Are you having significant floral arrangements? If the answer is yes, then it’s worth having spare anti-histamines at the ready.

Anti-histamines are also very handy for insect bites and stings. Florals, food and drink can all attract some uninvited guests!

Keep cool and wear sunscreen!

Baz Luhrmann said it first, and we’re still thanking him! SPF is a must to help avoid rosy faces in your photographs. Wedding parties should talk to your make-up artist about their recommendations for SPF on the day and tanning in the lead up to the wedding. If you accidentally get caught in the sun, don’t panic! MUA’s can work wonders at concealing sunburn and tan lines. Let them know as soon as possible and they will be ready and prepared.

It’s also worth popping some sunscreen into any toiletry supplies you might be organising for the reception restrooms.

Other ways you can consider keeping guests cool is providing shade and ventilation. Hats and hand-held fans can be a great addition to outdoor ceremonies that guests are very thankful for. Ice-cream vans are a popular attraction between ceremony and wedding breakfast. Tipi’s for children provide entertainment and shade.

Think about your outdoor shoes

If your ceremony and reception is taking place outside and you want to wear heels, Mrs T’s summer wedding tip is to go for a block or wedge. Even if it’s hot and dry, the ground can be unpredictable. Block heels and wedges will avoid sinking and wobbles.

White wine over red

During summer wedding ceremonies we see far fewer guests drinking red wine. One of our summer wedding tips is to re-examine your wedding breakfast drinks orders to factor in warmer weather drinking habits.

Mrs T's Summer wedding tips
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Let them eat cake (early!)

If your wedding lands on the day of a summer scorcher, your beautiful cake is vulnerable to the heat. Butter cream outer layers need particular care and attention throughout the day. It’s worth thinking about fondant icing as an alternative option, or speaking with your venue about storage and ventilation. At a recent marquee wedding, our lovely couples’ cake was beginning to succumb to the high temperatures. At Mrs T Weddings we are all about finding solutions. We quickly made the decision to move the cake cutting ceremony forwards in the schedule, putting it before the wedding breakfast.

If you have any summer wedding queries then get in touch to see how Mrs T Weddings can help. The Mrs T Team is on hand to give tips and advice! Have a fabulous summer wedding season!