A lot of my couples ask me whether I think they should have a choreographed wedding dance as their first dance. As with lots of wedding planning queries that come my way, I always weigh up the pros and cons with them to help them make a decision. What feels right for one couple won’t sit comfortably with another.

Here are some of the things I get them to think about on whether a choreographed wedding dance will suit them.

Mrs T Weddings - Choreographed wedding dance
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Do you thrive under pressure?

Let’s be clear, after all the excitement and energy of your wedding, no one is expecting you to pull off a dance worthy of a 10 paddle from Craig Revel-Horwood! But it’s worth thinking about how you might feel if you make a mistake. If you love to dance and love a fun challenge, then busting some moves could be just the thing!


The first dance is another ‘all eyes on you’ moment of the day. Have a think about whether you might suffer from stage-fright or your mind going blank. If you can’t wait to be on that floor, under the party lights strutting your stuff, then you can style it out to the max!

Live for the moment

That first 90 seconds on the dancefloor will feel magical to you, no matter how you choose spend them. You’ll likely have a strong gut instinct on whether a choreographed dance is for you. It’s always worth mentioning not to be swayed by tradition or what others are doing. This moment is all about the two of you!

Mrs T Weddings - wedding dance choreography
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If you think choreography could be a brilliant addition to your day, there are lots of positives to opting for a special routine.

Dance routines are huge crowd-pleasers!

I love standing back and watching the faces of guests light up when they realise what is happening. Often the routines are a surprise and they put smiles on everyone’s faces.

No one cares if you mess up some steps.

It’s true, I promise! Your guests and loved ones get so caught up in the moment that even some stumbles and missteps get cheers of delight and applause.

You set a brilliant tone for the rest of the night.

Showing this fun, cheeky side of yourselves makes other guests lose their inhibitions on the dancefloor.

You get some quality time together in the final months before your big day.

Setting time aside to rehearse and practice allows you to spend some dedicated time together. It also gives you a shared project with equal responsibility – it really does take two to tango!

Learning a choreographed wedding dance can be a great confidence boost.

If you’re shy, have two left feet or the first dance fills you with dread, simple choreography can be a really effective way to save you from awkward shuffles on the floor. Dances don’t have to be complex, and a few simple moves will give you confidence and poise.

Mrs T Weddings - choreographed first dance
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If a choreographed wedding dance appeals to you, I can introduce you to some wonderful dance teachers!