This is heaven.  Sitting in the sun thinking about our wedding, which will forever be etched in my mind as the best day of my life. Although there is a tiny part of me which thinks it might be a little bit like reflecting on having kids: how you got there might not have been the easiest or most pain free process, but what you ended up with was bloody amazing! Which is how I ended up deciding to start Mrs T Weddings.

My now husband, Rob, proposed in the February, (for those of you thinking it, not Valentine’s Day… a week later in a Pizza Pilgrims! Yes, I couldn’t believe it either.  He said he would surprise me and he certainly did, but I wouldn’t change it for the world). Within 24 hours of being engaged, the onslaught of questions from friends and family were coming in. What country would it be in? (I have quite an international family so the choices were broad) When would it be? Would kids be invited? How many guests would we have? What is our theme? When would the engagement party be? When is the stag and hen do? All of this was so totally overwhelming that it made this incredibly special and romantic event in our lives suddenly become another business I would need to run alongside the business I was already running. It was colossal!

The backbone decisions for a lot of couples have already been established, traditionally this would be to get married in a local parish church where the bride grew up, and have a marquee on the lawn at a family member’s house. Our setup was not traditional, which meant there would be tons of decisions, compromises and unexpected bumps along the way.  Rob and I met in Ibiza in August on my birthday  (he was on a stag do and I was on a hen do – our parties collided over a sunset meal). On that first night Rob and I knew we were made for each other, and laughed about all our differences.  He is 13 years older than me, and lived near Luton. I lived in Oxford and hadn’t ever been to Luton before. We had different worlds, which have complimented each other so well, but when planning a wedding there are many surprises you haven’t even considered. Rob hadn’t been to a rehearsal dinner before. I didn’t think you could get married without having a rehearsal dinner. Rob loves blue and wanted pale blue as our colour scheme and I wanted dusty pink. There were so many things we have to navigate and get us to the point of more than compromise – immense happiness. A million decisions to make, some we would make together – others I would make and Rob would happily go along with. This was a daunting task to combine the tastes of two individual people and ensure we ended up with a wedding which was authentic and felt personal to both of us. I will go through all these decisions in future blogs following my wedding timeline.

In the first couple of days all our loved ones wanted to congratulate us, and those closest to us wanted to raise a glass or two, which was so wonderful. We were hurtling around the country driving to see everyone, and in those precious moments of just the two of us in the car, we started to form the backbone of the wedding. Both of us love to keep everyone happy, so it was amazing how many times our decisions at this point were based on what was best for everyone else. However much we were told it is our big day, and we should do what we wanted, we kept going back to what would suit others. We settled on getting married in the UK, and a June wedding. That in itself felt like a huge weight was lifted. Thankfully these decisions were the right ones and neither of us would change this for anything. Nailed it!