Wedding confetti throws make for some of the most joyful photographs in your wedding album.

There are some great ways you can maximise getting the most out of these shots. From the size, shape and style of confetti, to how it’s thrown and presented, if you want to make a lasting impression with your confetti scenes, here’s some inspiration just for you!

If your venue doesn’t allow confetti, don’t worry! Mrs T Weddings has a whole heap of amazing ideas and alternatives!

Real Petal Confetti

If you want to use real petals our advice is – the bigger the better. Larger petals take longer to fall and have less disruption from the breeze which works better for outdoor photos. The added weight makes them easier to aim, and the size of them makes more of an impression in your photographs. If you want to use dried petals then opt for a mix of sizes to help with coverage. When it comes to real petals, we love large roses, and for dried options, hydrangeas are fab. Top tip – throw ‘up’ not ‘at’!

Mrs T Weddings: wedding confetti
Mrs T Weddings: wedding confetti
Mrs T Weddings: wedding confetti

Confetti Pony

If you’re a horse or animal lover, or are having a child-friendly wedding, then a confetti pony could be for you! Children are absolutely enthralled with these gorgeous miniature ponies. They are a truly memorable and unique way of carrying and presenting confetti to guests. We’ve worked with Joey the Confetti Pony and he has been such a hit with everyone!


If your venue doesn’t allow wedding confetti, then bubbles are a brilliant alternative. Not only do they add beautiful luminescent colours to your shots, there’s no clearing up afterwards! Top tip – invest in some bubble guns. They have greater power and trajectory to really fill the photos, and your young guests and ‘big kids’ will really enjoy them!

Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs are a great way to really inject colour and personality into your wedding shots. Colour choices might reflect your florals, tablescaping or bridesmaid dresses or be completely at random, but they sure will make an impact! Be sure to consult your venue and photographer to check they are both happy with the use of smoke bombs. Top tip – choose a great backdrop and give yourself lots of space.

Paper wedding confetti

Paper wedding confetti comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Best of all, lots of options are now biodegradable. We recommend this kind, not just for the environment, but because it will travel a long way. Some of our favourite shots have come from using the multi-coloured discs – absolutely perfect for summer weddings! Don’t be afraid to load up, when it comes to wedding confetti, the more the better!

Mrs T Weddings: wedding confetti

Champagne spray

A super-fun option after your formal photos, champagne sprays are fab and on the rise! Perfect for party-loving couples and guaranteed to make you laugh! Bring the club spirit of your Vegas and Marbs stag and hen parties to your wedding. For dramatic photos, plan your spray at night with targeted production lighting to capture every last drop! You’ll likely know who wants to get involved with these shots so make sure you have enough bottles to go around. Top tip – don’t be afraid to really shake ’em up!

With any throw or spray ideas, always speak to your venue and photographer to make sure they are both on board and happy with your choices.