Wedding Flowers are something which some couples feel very passionately about and others just want to put their trust into their wedding planner and wedding florist. If you have strong ideas, bring them on, I can’t wait for your visions to be translated into floral reality.  If you have the vision and know your budget, then the priority is finding the right wedding florist – this is something your planner is going to be your trusted advisor on, we’ll make sure you have the right team for your wedding vision. 

If you aren’t too sure about wedding flowers then I would recommend you start with your colour scheme and go from there. Once you have your colour scheme, start speaking to your wedding planner and wedding florist about what options would be available to you. They will take the time to consult with you, looking at what is going to be in season, what will last throughout the day and still look fabulous during the evening reception, while being sympathetic to budget.

A huge, massive trend at the moment is floral installations, which I will come onto in another post, however – a major contributor to making installations and large floral arrangements possible is the dear hydrangea. There are many reasons why I love a hydrangea, they are pretty awesome for lots of reasons:

  • they come in loads of different colours
  • blinkin’ brilliantly big blooms
  • are grown in the UK
  • aren’t crazy expensive
  • have great foliage
  • are pretty good at lasting
  • if left planted in a pot you can plant in your garden 

All of these reasons make Hydrangeas one of the most sustainable and flexible floral options for weddings.

Below you’ll see some of the ways you can use hydrangeas to bring a big, bold, colourful statement flower to your wedding.   

Wedding Bouquets – for bride, bridesmaid & flower girls

Wedding Ceremony – floral installations & decor

Wedding Confetti

Wedding Cake Flowers