Overwhelmed with wedding planning?

Not sure how to make it through the never ending to-do list?

Feel like you’re struggling to get anywhere with your wedding planning?

If you’re one of the naturally super organised and goal orientated types… 

I’ll bet you’re getting pretty frustrated at how you can only do so much of the planning and the rest sits with others or you have to wait til nearer to your big day. You might be waiting on quotes (I know some can take what feels like forever to come back). Are you waiting on RSVPs and not too sure why everyone isn’t responding immediately? You might have booked all your suppliers, but now what? You need to feel you’re staying busy yet it’s still months until your wedding? You need to learn to give yourself a break, wedding planning is a long process with peaks and troughs in intensity. Don’t get stressed if you’re on top of everything, you’re doing brilliantly. You can skip down to the video at the end of the blog for my top tip…

If you’re less organised, but still want to plan your wedding…

Even though it’s not natural to you, you need to start by getting organised (give me a shout and I can always give you some pointers…) If you’re not working with a wedding planner, you need to fall in love with using spreadsheets, I promise they aren’t as bad as they sound.  Keep a list of all your wedding planning tasks, make sure you have a budget (check out my

free wedding budget calculator) and always keep to your timeframes. Once you have all this together then you can start to break your to-do’s down into nice little bite size chunks. 

For example booking a photographer, can be broken down into these simple steps: 

  • Check out different styles of wedding photography and decide which you prefer
  • Start researching local photographers of the style you like
  • Reach out to those photographers for quotes and availability
  • Meet with the photographers who are available for your date and you would love to capture your wedding
  • Discuss timings and requirements for your wedding 
  • Make a decision – and get booking by putting down the deposit
  • Diarise when payments are due
  • Save the contract along with all the specifics that have been agreed (e.g. what time and where they will arrive, if you’re having a second shooter, if they have any dietary requirements, how soon after your wedding you should receive your photos)
  • Put together a list of shots you want the photographer to get at your wedding (e.g. specific family members together, or couples shots in a certain location)
  • Check in with your photographer a few weeks before your wedding to make sure everything is on track and share your shot list with them

The general rule is, if you make sure you stick to your timeframes and budget then you’ll find you start whizzing through all those to do’s. And once you’ve managed to get organised then you can get super creative and start having lots of fun designing the wedding of your dreams.

Now to really start winning at wedding planning, whether it comes naturally or not, take a look at my number one top tip in this video.

Happy Planning, and if in any doubt give me a shout! x