Whenever I receive an enquiry from a lovely couple, I will come back to you super speedily. Yes, I do have my phone attached to my hand most of the time. When I respond, I’ll immediately suggest a Zoom with myself, Mrs T, all three of us. Yup, I know we all hate having a Zoom call, especially when we only want the basic information.  

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Now the reason I ask for that Zoom call is two-fold.


…I want to understand exactly what you are looking for help with for your wedding. I will ask lots of questions about what you are planning: Where? When? How? Plus what you have done to date. I’m afraid without having a thorough understanding of all of these elements I can’t give you an accurate quote for your wedding. Each of my proposals are bespoke to my couples.

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…and more importantly, I want to make sure we are right for each other. It’s not a job interview, it’s more like a first date. You’ve swiped right and now we need to make sure we are going to get along and both enjoy working together on your wedding planning. I only take on a very limited number of weddings each year, and I want to make sure the couples I am working with are exactly the types of people I will be able to execute the perfect day for. Oh and have a lot of fun along the way!

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Time to Zoom!

On a Zoom with Mrs T call, (BTW no pressure to get dressed up, it isn’t that much like a first date), I will ask you all about your engagement, what you both see as your vision for your wedding, including time of year, type of venue, anticipated number of guests and lots more. If you’re right at the beginning of wedding planning, no worries. You might not have a clue on any of this and we can start working through these aspects of your wedding together. If you have already done a bit of plotting and planning then you might have more to throw at me. 

After I’ve heard about you and your wedding plans, I’ll tell you about me, and how I work.  I’ll show you the awesome cloud-based software, Aisle Planner, which I use to manage all my weddings on. (Couples get access as soon as they sign up with me).

We’ll then have a bit of a chat about any questions you might still have. We’ll discuss next steps and all leave the call feeling upbeat, less stressed, and super excited to get going on planning your wedding.

Oh and no need to make notes on the call, I’ll follow up after our call with my proposal which covers everything I’ll have taken you through, and an overview of Aisle Planner.

So there it is, a Mrs T Zoom consultation with me, Constance. It’s actually really fun and not scary – I promise! Get in touch to book one today.

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